11:00 AM - 00.00 PM


10:30 Bus leaves from Villa Minuta to church Maddalena in Atrani
10:45 Bus leaves from Villa Giuseppina to church Maddalena in Atrani

12:00 Ceremony

13:00 Toast outside church & photos

14:15 Bus leaves from church to Piazza Centrale

15:00 Light lunch & drinks

16:15 Garden Ruffolo
While we take pictures you will enjoy
a beautiful garden & view over Amalfi Coast

17:30 Bus leaves to reception
Reception will be held in Villa Minuta

18:30 Reception starts

the rest will be history...

Dress code: Formal or black tie optional

Wedding speeches:
You are more than welcome speaking in your
native tongue.
It will be well received

Wedding gifts:
You are not expected to bring a gift, your presence at the wedding and well wishes for us are more than enough.

If you considering giving a gift, we would be grateful for
a monetary gift.

Other Info:
There will be a lot of walking around on the wedding day,
so girls bring your comfy heels!

If you are bringing a long your child make sure they have all
supplies they need durning this day.